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Ambro is a premier mobile app that intends to link subscribers to the hottest bars, clubs and events in your given area. But their app’s development was being held back by the most traditional early start-up tech issues. Issues like miscommunications, inconsistent pricing and missed deadlines seemed to plagued their development cycles. 

After contacting Lotus Technologies, Ambro was able to get things back on track. 

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Luke Rubeiro, CEO of the Ambro app was having issues getting his outsourced developers to stay on schedule while building their MVP.

Between trying to manage various outsourced developers, dealing with inconsistent pricing and a string of miscommunications, it seemed his project would never move at the speed it needed to. (Nor would the process be able to scale the early product iteration cycles needed to meet product-market fit.)


After signing up with Lotus Technologies’ unlimited plan, Luke was given unlimited support for everything his app needed. Instead of worrying about how to hire or depend on internal team members and advisors, he could depend on one centralized service to fulfill the various parts of his vision. Lotus Technologies now provides him with unlimited mobile app development for both android and IOS and backend development.  And accountability isn’t an issue since all new features and project progress are viewable, task by task through the client dashboard.


Ambro no longer needs  about the cost of iterating and updating their product when they launch because of the fixed price subscription model. And development is far ahead of schedule.

In fact, Luke reports that he got more than done in one month , using Lotus Technologies’ unlimited plan, than he did in over 18 months of trying other mobile app development solutions

And as they move forward, Ambro won’t have to worry about swelling development costs, since of their subscription will never change.  


Extremely professional, responsive, flexible and COMPETENT! Lotus Technologies proved to be a “breath of fresh air” after undergoing a series of disappointments with other developers. I no longer feel the need to strangle anyone.  

Luke Rubeiro

CEO, Founder

Ambro App 

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