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We’re all racing to the finish line in business. But the truth is that it is rarely a tale of quick wins or swift money. It is almost always a tale of developing a particular skill set to start & run a business. And making the right decisions at the right time(mixed with patience) to win the race.

A huge component of this, is taking advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of you.

1) Consider Potential New Services/Products That You Call To Your Current Customers

Instead of looking for all the quick growth hacks you can use to acquire new clients or customers (buying lead list or etc), consider what you have already built.

Look for commonalities among the needs of your current client base and see if there is something that you can offer that is extremely valuable compared to it’s cost, within their budgets and that you can do competently.

If you genuinely feel it’s something they could really use, I’m sure they would love to hear about it.

Remember to put an emphasis on the value to cost ratio. It’s easy for people to just start trying to sell something that they would want that isn’t necessarily what their audience wants.

2) Consider New Ways That You Can Help Groups Of People In Your Network

Consider who’s in your network.

Perhaps you have been in a particular industry for a while.

Perhaps you come from a particular community and town.

Perhaps you come from a particular tax bracket.

See how you can serve the people that know you and that you know. Especially if you haven’t quite developed a customer base yet.

3) Consider New Ways Of Scaling What’s Already Working

If you already have been some revenue consistently, even if minimal, consider how your current pipeline is developed. Are there any places where you can effectively maximize efforts? Are there any places that consistently show great numbers or great value in any way?

I’m sure there is.

Find it. Build it. And Tighten it.

Hope This Is Valuable!

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