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We’re a huge lover of modern education. And perhaps the craziest power we’ve gained with the internet is the ability to teach ourselves whatever we want, whenever we want.

So I though this would be a great opportunity to share with you all some videos, that if you were watch all of them and grasp the concepts, will give you a very valuable skill.

Mobile App Development.

Check out these videos, they cover 3 things:

  • JavaScript ( A programming Language)
  • Html and CSS (A framework to make apps that uses Javascript)
  • Making An App with Ionic (Ionic is a framework that uses HTML, CSS and javascript to make mobile apps)

Some Notes

If you’ve never programmed before, try your best to just get the gist of everything in the javaScript video. Try your best to understand the general concepts of programming. Any particular items that you don’t understand, can just be googled if you get the gist of it.

Let’s do it!

1) JavaScript

Javascript is my personal favorite language (and I secretly think it will dominate everything in future). Derek Banas teaches you the entire language in 90 minutes! Take a look.

And don’t be afraid and google things you don’t understand!



2) HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the life blood of the web!

Everything you see on the web is HTML and CSS. All the content in HTML elements and CSS is what’s used to describe their appearance!

Take a look. Take Your Time. And Let me know what you think!


3) The Ionic Framework

Now, to be clear, Android apps and IOS apps are typically built using seperate programming languages and toolkits. But recently people have been using web tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build apps. The most known tool to this type of development is something called The Ionic Framework.

Take a look. And take your time!



Now let’s be honest. There’s a lot of small micro-skills and tools that you may have seen people using that seem weird or unfamiliar. So here’s a list of them and some tutorials to learn more about them!

The Command Line/Terminal: The black window with the white text that you saw people use to download stuff.

Angular Js: The javaScript framework used in Ionic. It’s what’s controlling everything that’s in those functions you see

Publishing your app to the Android and IOS app stores.

Here’s a link for more details on how to publish your app to the app stores:

One More Thing!

I know some of this stuff might look crazy or confusing.

And for sure, it’s different.

But I assure you after a little bit of time it will

seem just as simple as anything else.

If you’re interested in developing a technical skill set, even for casual reasons, I urge you to put in the time.

And If You Have Any Questions…..

Message me and my team at Team@LotusTech.NYC