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Lotus Technologies

With technological advancements in everything from team management to customer feedback considering what tech your business needs can feel ….tedious. But we all know there are fundamentals. You need a POS to process payments and you need a phone to listen to inquiries.

In the present day, we also generally agree that you need a website too.

But the case is now being made that every restaurant needs an app.

Let’s break it down it 3 strong, core reasons.

#1: Your Customers Need To Become Regulars.

Starting a business is about getting new customers. But running a business is about turning those new customers into regulars. Most of the revenue from local business comes from the people who come often. Becoming a pillar in your community for your particular product/service is 90% of surviving and growing in the long run.

#2: They Directly Increase Sales.

Loyalty apps aren’t just a fancy marketing gimmick large companies toy with, they are directly responsible for large increases in sales. And if you don’t believe me, you’d be shocked to learn Starbucks’ mobile app is responsible for more than $6 million in revenue each month, and 22 percent of all sales.

That’s right. Read that again.

22% of all sales.

#3 Become Your Customer’s First Choice.

Being a click away has a lot of benefits. And one of those is being the most convenient. This is what makes a mobile app much more powerful than a website. A mobile app is very arguably the most intimate connection your brand can have with your customers off-site.

And It’s Not Expensive.

There is of course the strong misunderstanding that apps must be these very complicated things that are made by genius wizards in space. And this is kind of true. But there are services that can get you going. I should mention that my company Lotus Technologies currently provides this service. Check it out here: With subscription plans starting at 99$ a month, you can get your restaurant a mobile app at a very affordable price. (Mobile apps typically cost upwards $100,000.00 ).

We’re nerds on the subject.

Remember grow with the world around you to better service it. If you’re interested in investing in your business’s future, tools like these should be large parts of your considerations.